How is your mortgage loan review conducted?

Your Mortgage Loan Review USA expert focuses on the key information that determines whether your interest rate and origination fees are fair.  As your mortgage loan is based on your unique lending scenario and financing situation, your mortgage loan review report is hand crafted and customized by our industry expert…especially for you!

Three-Tier Mortgage Loan Review Scale

A three tier scale enables you to quickly determine areas of concern regarding your mortgage Loan Estimate: Good, Caution, and Warning.

Your Loan Estimate is subjected to a rigorous analysis by using sources such as consumer indexes and data rate sheets from banks, credit unions, and brokerages.  This ensures the precision of the fairness of your mortgage loan.

Good Review

A GOOD review means that your Mortgage Loan Estimate is fair. You’re being treated fairly by your financial institution. This often means the totality of your interest rate and origination fees are at the average or below on the day your Loan Estimate was issued. With a GOOD review you can be rest assured that you are not overpaying for your mortgage.

Caution Review

A CAUTION review means your Loan Estimate is above the average (more costly) in one or more aspects. The interest rate or certain fees may be higher than normal but not astronomically. Your financial institution may be attempting to take advantage of you or simply has high prices to begin with. Usually a consumer is able to negotiate fees or interest rate in such a scenario or easily seek other financing adjusting your scenario to GOOD.

Warning Review

A WARNING review means your Loan Estimate looks completely unfair given your personalized scenario. There is little doubt that the financial institution itself or individual loan officer is attempting to take advantage of you. Ultimately the choice is up to you on which lender to use. Mortgage Loan Review USA is not associated with any lending institution for the purposes of originating loans and therefore remains impartial by not steering anyone to a particular lender. We work for you and only you.

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