Millions of people over pay for their mortgage costing them $thousands$.

Many do not know how much interest rates and fees vary across lenders. Conservatively, we found interest rates routinely varied by 1.75% for the EXACT SAME LOAN on the EXACT SAME DAY. We’ve seen fluctuations over 2%.

The difference in monthly payments and total interest paid is overwhelming and hard to believe.

Example: $280,000 loan over 30 years.

Bank A: 4.25%
Bank B: 6%
Difference in interest: $108,472
Difference in monthly payment: $302

You could end up over paying your mortgage by 100 thousand dollars without even knowing it. There are people everyday doing just that. How do you know you are not one of them?

That is why we are here, to make sure you are not getting taken advantage of; and so that you can have Peace of Mind on such a huge purchase. What could you do with an extra $302 a month?

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All Lenders Do Not Offer the Same Mortgage Loan Rates

(Chart represents different financial institutions interest rates for the purchase of a primary single family home in Nevada for a 30 year fixed FHA loan, with a 680 or above credit score and negligible difference in closing costs. Source of data: Informa Research Services, Inc. in correspondence with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau)